Avoid Boring Office Birthday Parties with These Funny Gift Ideas

February 27, 2020

Avoid Boring Office Birthday Parties with These Funny Gift Ideas

Ugh. Is there anything cheesier than an office birthday party? (Unless it’s your own, duh.)

At best, it’s a distraction from all that important work you’re doing (mmmhmm, we know you’re just watching cat videos.) But even the coolest offices can run out of ideas.

If you’re in charge of coming up with coworker birthday celebration ideas, well—you, my friend, have just hit the jackpot. Here’s a comprehensive list of funny office birthday ideas for everyone from your closest colleague to your boss’ boss.


Funny Office Birthday Ideas to Spice Up Monthly Birthday Celebrations

Whether you’re looking for employee birthday recognition ideas or coworker birthday celebration ideas, there are plenty of fun, non-boring options out there. You don’t have to have the same boring party every month! 

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Office Colleagues

If you’re looking for some fun ways to surprise your office colleagues, why don’t you consider gifting them something they’ll never see coming?

Shake up your birthday card game.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic “Happy Birthday.” But why not put a smile on their face with a birthday card that tells a joke, or an inside joke only your fellow coworkers may understand?


Throw down for a legit present.

Another way to celebrate your colleague’s birthday is to chip in on a truly special group gift — a gift card for a nice restaurant, a wine-of-the-month subscription box, a spa day, or maybe a throw blanket.



Although…  instead of gifting it in a traditional box, you can wrap it up in a clever gag gift box. This is a great way to get a laugh out of your coworker on their big day.



Office Birthday Ideas for Your Boss

Surprising your boss for their birthday can be a bit trickier. In most cases, you have to stick to, you know, professional decorum.  😐

HOWEVER. If you and your boss have the kind of rapport where you can poke some fun at them, then here are some unique birthday gift ideas:

Of course, if gag gifts aren’t the way to your boss’ heart, maybe stick to a more traditional birthday card.



Office Birthday Food Ideas

When it comes to office birthday food ideas, many companies go with the same old (boring!) standard — birthday cake and a sandwich tray from their local deli.

While there’s nothing wrong with those options, if you are looking for fun ways to spice up the monthly birthday celebration in the office, then you may want to consider some of these simple birthday food ideas:

  • Mini meatballs can be customized to be any meat of choice, and even vegan
  • Stuffed mushrooms are an easy to eat treat for the busy office
  • Deviled eggs are a classic treat that some people will lose their mind over
  • Thumbprint cookies are easy to make and can be customized to the birthday person’s favorite flavors 
  • Mini tacos! a unique take on this can include using scoops chips with some seasoned meats and cheese
  • Cupcakes instead of a traditional cake 

What makes each of these ideas great is that they can be customized in fun ways to help keep office birthdays unique and entertaining.

Have Fun with Different Office Birthday Ideas

Don’t let your office fall into the same birthday celebration month after month. Use some of the ideas we’ve mentioned above to give each birthday a unique and fun twist! 

Just remember, you want to choose an office birthday idea that suits the environment, and the relationships you share with specific people. Fun? yes. Awkwardness? Not so much. 

Remember that, and you’ll do great. :) 


Need some help with gift-giving this year? Take a brief gander at these 12 white elephant gift ideas under $25. Even though the holidays are (thankfully) behind us, there’s some great office-worthy ideas on this list!

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