12 White Elephant Gifts Under $25 That No One Will See Coming

November 14, 2019

12 White Elephant Gifts Under $25 That No One Will See Coming

Fun fact: the term “white elephant” is thought to originate from the King of Siam (now Thailand), where white elephants were once given as status symbols, but eventually came to represent an extravagant, impractical gift that no one really wanted.

(Think about that next time you want to complain about that dish towel you never use—it could be an elephant.) 

White Elephant gift exchanges—a.k.a. Yankee Swap, a.k.a. Dirty Santa—are all the rage these days, to our delight and horror.

Here’s a refresher on how it works:

  • Everyone shows up with a wrapped gift (usually under $25). All the gifts are placed on a table.
  • Each guest draws a number.
  • Going in order, guest #1 gets to choose and unwrap a gift. Much laughter ensues.
  • Guests #2 and up may choose to unwrap a new gift from the table or steal one from a lower number. 
  • If your gift is stolen, you get to choose again—a new gift, or a steal.
  • Once a gift has changed hands twice, it’s out of play.
  • After all the gifts have been opened, #1 gets to go again.*

*Not everybody uses that last rule, but we think it’s only fair. And it makes things a heck of a lot more interesting.

By this time, you’ve probably been to your fair share of these holiday shindigs—and picking a gift that’s original, funny, and—gasp!—actually appreciated, can get pretty difficult after a while.

That’s why we’ve pulled together our absolute best White Elephant ideas. All are under $25, most are giggle-inducing, and ALL of them are 100% original.

Have at it, dirty Santas!

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1. F-bomb paperweight

Everyone at the office will fight over the paperweight with a literal F-bomb on it. It’s useful AND hilarious, AND it lets everyone know where the workplace pottymouth sits.


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2. Unicorn TP


‘Nuf said. (Also, this is actually a great present for your coworkers that have little kids.)


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3. 120 assorted cards

File under “gifts that are actually super useful and valuable.” 120 assorted cards for all occasions (birthdays! babies! sympathy! get well soon! thanks! you got married!). People will be fighting over this one for realz.


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4. Insanely inappropriate fake gift boxes

Get a gift that’s actually awesome, like a great book,  a Target gift card, or a collection of artisan chocolates… but package it in one of these highly inappropriate boxes

No one will want the “spider terrarium,” and the unlucky schmo that gets stuck with it will be royally pissed—until they get home and realize they secretly won Christmas. ;)

Margarita shower dispenser

Home branding kit

DIY liposuction

Wine nanny

Spider terrarium


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5. Wine coloring book

We all know coloring can reduce anxiety and inspire a sense of happiness and calm. And you know what else can do that? WINE. This coloring book is what we call ‘the best of both worlds.’


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6. Bathroom guest book

A bathroom guest book that asks questions like “Did you check your butt on the way out?” and “How do you prefer to hang your toilet paper?” is like, the definition of a novelty gift.


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7. An umbrella covered in men? 

Hallelujah, it’s raining men! Amen. 👼


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8. Fries on the fly

No more fry spillage for you, my friend! This plastic fry container fits in your cupholder to keep your fries (and your phone, and your keys, and whatever else you want to put in there) safe and secure. Pair with a fast-food gift card for an even better gift!


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9. Snarky notepads

This 4.25” x 5.5” notepad is the perfect size for grocery lists, notes to self, phone messages, and rando to-do lists. Each sheet comes with a snarky message so everyone knows how you REALLY feel. 


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10. A desktop flip book with animals making dumb faces and saying stupid stuff

Nothing says “I went to a white elephant party” like this flip book of tired office humor (think, “no coffee no workee,” and “I hate Mondays”) coupled with goofy animal pics. You’re welcome.


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11. Sticky notes in the shape of a wristwatch 

 For reasons we’ll never understand, this is one of our most popular items. 🤷


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12. A coloring book about fat kitties

Coloring books are actually a legit gift—people will actually use them, and if they don’t, there’s some decent regifting potential there. This book celebrates body positivity, cat people, and laziness. We think it is, you know, the cat’s meow. (Sorry.)


Okay… here we go!

Happy holidays, ya filthy animals. :)

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