Seymour Butz is our brand ambassador (he very much enjoys being an ambassador to something).

He’s posh. He’s sophisticated. And have you SEEN that luxurious moustache?

You might think he’s the “butt” of all our jokes (okay maybe that one), but he’s really more like… our spirit animal.

Because even though we have grownup jobs, and grownup mortgages, and grownup bedtimes…  

None of us has any idea what we’re doing. True story.

Our carefully curated selection of goofy gifts, hilarious pranks, and handcrafted greeting cards will help the people in your life remember to lighten up.

Adulting can get way too serious. Seymour reminds us to laugh at ourselves.

(Also, butts.)


A few things we believe

We believe laughter is the best gift you can give to another person. It’s even better than soap on a rope!

We believe life is funny enough without having to laugh at another’s expense.

We believe the prank call is a lost art.

We believe in giving artists the credit they deserve.

We believe in luxurious moustaches, black jellybeans, and dad jokes.

We believe in laughing ‘til you snort. Bonus points if milk comes out your nose.

We believe if wine can’t fix it, we’re f*cked.    


Kristi Botha has been curating and selling high-quality, original products since 2011. With an eye for originality and decades of entrepreneurial experience, she’s helped grow and sell a string of profitable Amazon businesses.

The first funny product she created was a series of mugshot signs for a bachelorette party brand. Ladies (in various states of intoxication) would hold up their “crimes” for the camera. Hilarity ensued.

It was just a lark; some goofy fun designed by Kristi and her girlfriends—but it quickly became one of her best-selling products to date.

As it turned out, Kristi had quite the knack for making people laugh. She took her well-honed process for seeking out quality products, added a bit of original design and a dash of silliness… and suddenly a regular-old umbrella became one of Amazon’s top-selling umbrellas.

Kritsi’s mission is to bring a bit of levity to our hectic, overscheduled lives. She gets plenty of material from her life as a business owner / parent / aging GenXer, current pop culture trends, and the smart, quick-witted ladies she hangs out with.

In late 2018 Kristi decided to bring all her products into one centralized shop, where she could continue to develop her original brand of wit + quality + originality. She chose the name Seymour Butz because nothing says “lighten up!” like giggling every time you hear the word butt. (You know you do.)