The Complete Guide to Entertaining Yourself (and Your Kids!) During A Global Pandemic

March 26, 2020

The Complete Guide to Entertaining Yourself (and Your Kids!) During A Global Pandemic

Let’s get right into it.

There are a lot of… unforeseen side effects of a global health crisis. 

Like, when you’re the CFO of a medium-sized startup company, but then you have to work from home, and also teach 2nd grade. Or when the catering manager of a large grocery store chain suddenly becomes a first responder, because grocery stores are CRAZY TOWN right now.

And those are just the problems you have if you’re lucky enough to still have a job. (Welp.)

There’s a lot going on right now, and much of it is pretty grim. As usual, Seymour Butz is here to provide a bit of levity in an otherwise serious time. 

Starting with… Richard Simmons.

If your fitness routine just got canceled…

Try some old workout videos. 

In the 80s, in-home fitness was a whole thing. Gyms weren’t like they are now — it was mostly weightlifters in muscle shirts, and dance aerobics classes. 

So, a LOT of people used to pop in a VHS tape and get their sweat on, right in their living room! Jane Fonda’s workouts were the most ubiquitous, but Buns of Steel was right up there too — and for the super-cool teens, there was Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam workout

And let's not forget Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to The Oldies. (Please, go watch this commercial. It’s so good.)

And for all you 90s kids, there’s Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body (which is actually a pretty great workout, even now), and Carmen Elektra’s Aerobic Striptease

Of course, there are plenty of apps and streaming workout programs available too. These old ones are just more fun. :)

If you have kids at home (forever, and ever, and ever, and ever)… 


Set up a crafting marathon. Our sister brand, Peachy Keen crafts, has a ton of great (ahem, time-consuming) projects for the kids to get into. The DIY solar system, the make-and paint-your-own fake bugs kit, and this mega crafting kit are our current faves.

Make friends with jigsaw puzzles. They take a LONG time. If your local bookstore is still open, stock up on jigsaw puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. Or, search online for one you like. (Just wash your hands before and after you touch all those pieces!)

Use it as an opportunity to get them psyched about household chores. Make it into a contest. Who can clean up the most dog poo from the backyard? Who can surprise mommy today by doing something she didn’t ask you to do? (I mean, it could work… 🤷)

Teach them a cool new game called “restaurant.” In which they bring you drinks & snacks,  and then clean up the kitchen. ;)

Take them on a drive where they get to tell you when to turn & where to go. Let’s get lost! It’s not like we have anywhere else to be.

Do a beach cleanup. Or a streetside cleanup, or any kind of wide-open space trash pickup. Just be sure to wear gloves. 

Check out this site, where authors are reading children’s books for free every day.
Organized by age. :)

If the isolation is getting to you… 

FaceTime your friends, even the ones who live in town. Extroverts are having a rough time, you guys. Let’s make sure they’re okay by sending them pictures of crowded subway cars and exciting cocktail parties.

Bring back the phone call. You know, instead of texting, so you can actually hear a human voice that isn’t your husband or your kids.

Scroll through the #mycorona and #makeyourownfun hashtags on Instagram to see how everyone else is doing. And find as many videos like this, this, and this as you possibly can.

Schedule a virtual dance party with your besties. Use Zoom or Google Hangouts so you can all see each other. (There are a lot of variations on this theme… virtual talent show. Virtual storytime. Virtual movie dates. You get the idea.)

Take an online course, or view one of the MANY free live-streamed concerts happening around the Internet right now. There are WAY too many to link to here. Start with Instagram and go from there.  

Snail mail book exchange. Since the libraries are closed (ugh), send your friends some books to read, and ask them to do the same. 

Remember that even though we’re in physical isolation, we’re more connected than any of us realized. By staying put (and being bored), you’re directly contributing to the health and safety of your fellow humans. 

And not even Seymour Butz can laugh THAT off. 😭

And lastly, if your finances are stable and you’re healthy… 

Help people.

Be kind to people.

Wash your hands.

Donate to food banks.

Check on your elderly neighbors.

Don’t hoard toilet paper or masks.

And for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. 

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