7 Hilarious Gift Ideas for a New House Owner

March 05, 2020

7 Hilarious Gift Ideas for a New House Owner

Hooray! Your friend(s) recently purchased a new home! And boooo — that means you have to pick out ANOTHER housewarming present.

Let’s be real — do your top three ideas involve plants, candles, artisan bread, and/or a bottle of wine?


Listen. There’s nothing wrong with a local sourdough and a nice bottle of red (seriously, we’ll abandon this blog post right now for bread and wine).

But that’s what everyone’s going to get them. And you, friend, are much funnier and more creative than a potted aloe plant that will probably die of neglect while your friends are adjusting to their new home.

So we did you a favor and pulled together 7 hilarious housewarming gift ideas that NO ONE else will think of.


Hilarious Gift Ideas for a New House Owner

You COULD look up the most frequently purchased housewarming gifts on Amazon… 

OR, you could consider a different approach, and think in terms of specific rooms. Starting with the most important room in the house. 


Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas for The Bathroom

According to a recent study in the UK, the average person will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom. (We might need to reevaluate our gift-giving priorities, as a species. And also our other priorities.)

Anyway. This seems like an excellent excuse for a hilarious gift idea for your friends’ new bathroom.

Bathroom Guestbook

Visitors to the “throne room” can sign their name, leave a fun congratulatory message to the new homeowner, rate their overall bathroom experience, and leave creative little doodles for their hosts to laugh at later. (The kind of doodles you DRAW. On paper. With pencil. Just so we’re clear.)


Funny TP Rolls

Nothing says “fun toilet experience” like these novelty toilet paper rolls. With hilarious messages printed on each sheet, your friends will think of you every time they go #2. And isn’t that what we all want out of our friendships?


Practical Gifts for New Homeowners and Their New Kitchen


Okay, okay, kitchen gifts are some of the most common housewarming presents, and that means we’re going practical (well, kind of).

Snarky Oven Mitt + Potholder + Tea Towel Set

Just because we’re giving a gift that’s actually useful, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have a little fun with it. This oven mitt, potholder, and tea towel set features a kitchy design and an extra helping of sass.


Ironic Aprons

If your friend likes to cook, try one of our hilarious kitchen aprons to match that oven mitt / tea towel set.




Useful Gifts for New Homeowners for Everyday Use

For the extreme napper… 

Everyone loves a good nap, and this blanket is extra large and extra cozy (but not too hot!), perfect for a brand new den. 


Romantic(?) hammer

This is more of a significant other gift (unless you’re THAT kind of friend. hey-yo!) But there’re always a lot of projects to do when you move into a new home. A hammer with a cheeky message on it? Perfect.


New keychain (for their new keys!)

For a more subtle, budget-friendly gift, try a small keychain that lets them know how you really feel. 



Give the Best Housewarming Gifts for a First-Time Homeowner 


Finding a gift for a new homeowner doesn’t have to mean giving them ANOTHER plant / candle / bottle of wine.

Because the one thing that makes a house feel like a home?

Is personality. And we’ve got more personality than we know what to do with! ;)

Now that your friend is an official homeowner, it’s time for the next step: check out these 10 hilarious “dad” jokes.

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