16 Homemade Halloween Costumes That Are Giving Us LIFE This Year...

October 30, 2019

16 Homemade Halloween Costumes That Are Giving Us LIFE This Year...

There’s something extra special about a carefully crafted homemade costume. Putting that much time and effort into the spookiest holiday of the year is something Seymour Butz can really, you know, get behind. (heehee)

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites from around the (spider) Web—oooo, spooky!—but this is seriously just a fraction of what’ll be on display this year. 

Trick or treat!

Squad Goals… 

Doo doo doo doo (snap! snap!) Doo doo doo doo (snap! snap!)

The Addams Family is a timeless classic, and pretty easy to put together with the stuff that’s already in your closet (except, you know, the animated hand). And if you’ve got a little one (or a dog), you can always dress her up as Cousin It.

The Addams Family

Goodwill Industries of West Michigan via Pinterest  


Cruella DeVille and a buncha Dalmations

This one works for kids (if you can get them to agree to all wear the same costume), but it’s also great for your friends because it doesn’t require a specific number—unless you have more than 101 friends, in which case, good for you!

Cruella DeVille

via Our-Everyday-Art.com


For You And Your Boo (see what we did there?)...  

Jack & Rebecca from This Is Us

What we love about this one is that it’s so unexpected, yet instantly recognizable—even for people who don’t watch the show. Great job, you two!

This is Us

@KelsyMcMurtrey via Instagram 


Laura Palmer & BOB

Not everyone likes to look cute at Halloween. Some freaks like to scare the sh*t out of all their friends… 

Laura Palmer and Bob

via Instagram 


The cranky old guy from UP & his flying house (and annoying dog)

PSA: Leave the cone of shame at home. ;)


Tutorial at KeikoLynn.com


Steve & Robin from Scoops Ahoy

One of the best parts of Stranger Things season 3, was that Steve had to wear this uniform the ENTIRE time. To be fair, we’re not 100% sure this is a homemade costume, but we had to give some Stranger Things props somewhere, and everyone else is just eating Eggos.

 Steve & Robin

Cosplayers @baxgirlcosplay & @nathandrakecosplay_ via Instagram


Jack & Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas

You can get store-bought versions of Jack & Sally (just like you can get slutty Joker costumes and done-for-you Beetlejuice), but the homemade versions always feel more authentic. And that makeup! 

Nightmare before Christmas

platnumcyReport via Reddit


Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh… 

We love a good throwback, and this Beavis & Butthead makeup is fire! Too bad they can’t take the couch with them the Halloween party.

Beavis and Butthead

via costume-works.com


Doc & Marty 

Back to The Future has everything. The 80s, the 50s, the “future,” clock tower ladies, mad scientists… it’s a Halloween jackpot. There are lots of BTFF-inspired costumes out there, but we picked this one because of their attention to detail—old school Nikes and everything.

Doc & Marty

Jonathan T. via coolest-homemade-costumes.com


Flying Solo…

Lumiere & his plumette

Beauty & The Beast (well, all of Disney, really) is another wealth of costume ideas for individuals, groups, kids, and couples. But we just looooove this homemade Lumiere costume that Morgan H. created from scratch, using recycled materials, for under $100. See how she did it here.

Lumiere & his plumette

Morgan H. via coolest-homemade-costumes.com


Tippi Hedron from The Birds 

Three cheers for a costume you can’t buy from a Halloween pop-up store (well, the birds, maybe), and even more cheers for one you can pull together for under $50. And even more cheers for pulling together a spot-on Hitchcock reference. And even more cheers for the Corn Flakes + Kahlua on top of the fridge.

The Birds

CampingIsIntense via Reddit


Blind Pilot

OK, this one’s pretty job specific, but at Seymour Butz we have a moral obligation to applaud anyone who plays a prank like this. Imagine you had a flight scheduled (on or around October 31, of course) and this guy came out of the cockpit. Hilarious!

Blind Pilot

Fosh1zzle via Reddit


This amazing 80s mixtape 

We love it so much.

80's Mixed Tape

Goodwill Industries of West Michigan via Pinterest


Violet Beauregard

Willy Wonka is a never-ending wellspring of Halloween fun. You’ve got oompa loompas, a ragtag group of bratty kids, bedridden grandparents, and that creepy Mr. Slugworth. But we’re giving this spot to @lucybri83, who absolutely NAILED her Violet costume last year. 


via Instagram


It’s raining cats and dogs  

High five to the lazy inventive parents who came up with this gem.

Raining cats and dogs

via BargainBabe.com

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